Welcome Home! We are a church without borders! Here, you will discover and be informed on the way to become a member of Celestial Church of Christ and the steps to follow. We are always glad to welcome new converts to the body of Christ and help them experience the most of our unique way of worship. Celestial Church of Christ is a church with divine instructions through the Holy Spirit, and as such we do strongly encourage all members to follow the true path to joining this body of Christ – it will change your life!


Meet with the Shepherd to learn about the church, its history, tenants and doctrines. Affirm your acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Perform sanctification & Isona (getting directives from God about your journey).


Sow your garment and attend weekly services. Attend baptismal class & if successful, you are able to be baptized. Baptism in CCC and Christendom at large is a crucial aspect in beginning your journey as a born-again.


Once baptized you are able to become a key member in our various departments, such as Choir, Sunday School, Ushers, Women/Men’s group, Youth, Media, Evangelism and Charity.


Get involved in church activities, increase your fellowship with Christ and members, get anointment to function and serve more in the church and its ministries.


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